One more Scafflaw

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It was such a nice cool morning yesterday, our Mom was so excited about going outside to read her book for a few minutes. Since it was so cool, we were wild too.


So she gets up to take a picture of someone, and we grab her chair and are thinking about readying the book too. This is a big 'no no' since she loves her books. Khaki is helping too and Ande is snooooopervising.  All we wanted to do is read the book too, so what is wrong with that.


I didn't do that and Khaki says he didn't do it either. I am way over here. Splitters is back there, so she didn't do it either. Just because I am in the chair doesn't mean I did it. Mom even said some naughty words. Bad girl. Ande just says, what is the big deal. I am just taking over this chair. She needs to find another chair.


And there is the evidence. But why can't she just sit on the grass and read. What is her problem.



This is Scafflaw post #2

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This is our second scafflaw which is being hosted by our friend   Fin


This is our lovely Hamper in the bathroom. Does this look like it is all right?? Mom doesn't think so. But we don't know any rules like all other cats in the world. So guess what, we had a lot of fun with it.


Does Black look a tiny bit guilty to you??? But how can we blame this Scafflaw on that cute face. Black says that he didn't know about any rule not to sharpen my claws on this. Where is it written??


Here we have Tabatha that looks a little guilty herself. She is just being cute and only had one claw in the Hamper. Her point is, we didn't ruin it Mom. You can still put things in it. We are sure everyone in the house had something to do with this Scafflaw.




This is Scafflaw Week.

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Our friend Fin who you can find here,Fin decided to have this fun week of Scafflaws. It is a celebration of breaking the rules. And everyone knows that cats rule entirely and don't have to stick by any rules at all.

So our first Scafflaw is the underneath of my bed. It is a mess. Just look at that.

Now, our assistant thinks we were breaking the rules, but we were just playing a little shredding game. What harm can it possibly do???


Gertrude here, and darn it all, I got caught under here but that doesn't mean that I did all this damage. Those other turkeys helped, that is for sure.  So this is our first Scafflaw. Tomorrow, we will have another one. We just love breaking rules. Course, I don't know what rule this breaks other than,' No shredding'.

Please don't forget that 1594 needs a home. You can see her here. 1594



Easy like Sunday

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Hi there, Khaki here. I am giving everyone a big wink because all of you are so darn cute. I love taking a good nap on the washing machine. It is really cool up here.


Hi there, Black and Khaki here on the kitchen floor trying to cool it. We sure wish our assistant would get the temp cooler outside. We are sick of the hot weather and there just must be something she can do about these high temperatures.  The humidity is the very worst too. Enough complaining, hope all you have a spectacular day.


"Cats invented self-esteem" - Erma Bombeck

"The more people I meet, the more I like my cat." - Anonymous


1594 From a feral kitty to fantastic.

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This is 1594 all scared.

1594 was a semi feral hissing spitting kitten who showed up at aniaml control who somehow just tugged at the inmate's heart. She was kept in the bay to avoid her biting of scratching any curious fingers trying to approach her. He kept working with her but everytime I asked for an update on temperment test-- even the aco staff told me, "forget it, that one is feral."

Then something happened. Something sad but a fact of life in the hot South. A dog illness outbreak that shuttered the animal control since Aug. 6th. Sign on the door was "Closed. Knock and state your business, Quarantine."

No animals in and no animals out.  Even though the majority of the kittens and cats were not under quarantine--there have been ZERO phone calls asking about adopting and ZERO adoptions. No dog intake.


This is 1594 much tamer and happy with all her toys.

So what all that meant was more time to socialize a frightened spitty baby kitten. She went from the baby  in the first picture to the baby surrounded by cat toys in her cage and looking for more action. --More Interaction.

She needs a home or a rescue and she is going to need it QUICKLY. The clock is ticking. The pound is going to reopen on Monday Aug. 23rd  and there is already a waiting list for humane traps to catch cats. There have been numerous phone calls and complaints to come pick up stray cats and kittens. . And we fully expect by Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, the latest to get that godawful routine phone call from Animal Control, "if you can't pull any, then we need to know now because we have to write out the order for the lethal injection drugs."

I haven't even asked if the inmate named her. I think he's been afraid to. He's seen many more much friendlier kittens and cats we have not been able to save or place and how many have ended up being euthanized all summer-- sometimes as often as 3 times a week.

The baby girt needs someone to name her and love her. Please, please share her photos and find this girl her way home.

Contact information

Spalding Animal Control, Griffin, Georgia, 770-467-4772 Mon-Fri. 10-4:45

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