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Feral cat Friday

by admin  

Look at Maggie playing with a toy. She loves to play with this little mouse at the end of that wire. She was made some major steps to becoming friendly. Still no touching but she is not nearly as nervous. She has come up and smelled my toes (that can't b… more »

Feral Friday

by admin  

Hi there, Magnolia here. I am still very nervous but I am making a tiny bit of progress. The other day, I actually very gently took a treat out of the assistant's fingers. But I haven't done it since then. I almost did it today. She tried to touch me and… more »

More Mahoney(kitten)

by admin  

Well here I am again, Miss Mahoney.  I can't see you, can you see me. I felt like you needed to see more of me since I am so darn cute. As you can see, I am still very tiny since this green thing is almost as big as I am.   Here I am. Now you can s… more »

Magnolia Monday

by admin  

Hi there Magnolia here,  I am the feral kitty that Mom caught on Thurs. I am doing a tiny bit better but still hissing at her. My belleh is pretty swollen but I guess that is to be expected. Thank COD I have this little cave to hide in when she comes in… more »

Saturday fun

by admin  

Hi there Khaki and Little Bit here playing with our turbo track. We just love our track. As you can see, Lil Bit is watching for now. She likes to play too. This is going to be our Saturday fun for sure. I have that ball totally under control. Can yo… more »

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