Are Orange cats the best??

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My name is Khaki

We guess that isn?t really fair to say that Orange cats are the best because all cats are wonderful in their own way. But a friend told our human that Orange cats are really good cats. There are four of us that live here and we do love our staff which consists of one person and we think she is the best. We are very attached to our family?s that take care of us and we love to sit in laps. All of us gaze at our Mom very lovingly, even Oboy who is a very feral cat and has really started to get attached to our Mom. I even have started to lie down and let her rub my tummy. And those are all traits of an orange cat.

Orange boy

Orange boy after a hard night.

I, Orange boy, am a total goof ball which is a trait of orange cats. I can do lots of klutzy things that is for sure. I got up on the roof one day and did manage to get down. And when I jump up on something, it is like a horse just jumped up on the table or where ever I happen to be jumping. It is like a tornado hit when I arrive.

My name is Spitters

My name is Spitters and I am a good cat and love my mom to death. I am so goofy that I jump up on the handle of the door to the outside to see if I can turn it and let myself out which I haven?t accomplished yet. But I adore my mom and when she is sitting at the computer I just go over every five minutes and head bump her arm and then rub on her arm. I just want her to know that I am here. My name is Khaki and I am goof ball and sometimes a little naughty. I don?t think naughty is a trait of an orange cat but it is a trait of a kitten. And I am still a kitten because I am not a year old yet. I have an orange cat trait and that is I get into more interesting trouble. I am also a very light colored orange cat so I am not sure what color I am.

I am Oboy

So, do you cats or kittens have orange brothers or sisters?? Oh that is the other thing, that most orange cats are males. We did have one female that lived here that was an orange and white cat. Wonder if that counts?? Does anyone know if Orange cats are only males??


Comment from: Rebecca [Visitor]

They are all so beautiful! I didn’t know that most orange cats were males, interesting. They are all so unique…but yes, all cats are wonderful.

01/27/10 @ 08:03
Comment from: The Creek Cats [Visitor]
The Creek Cats

Our brofur Maya would like to think orange cats are the best!

01/27/10 @ 08:07
Comment from: Comedy Plus [Visitor]
Comedy Plus

All cats are wonderful, and loving your human is a very good thing. They love you back too.

Have a purrfect day. Best to you mom. :)

01/27/10 @ 09:21
Comment from: Cats of Wildcat Woods [Visitor]
Cats of Wildcat Woods

We love orange cats but we don’t have any right now. It was fun to meet you all. Our mom had a pet sitting business and had one orange cat named Orange that she loved. When he died and Mom was a mess - you would think he belonged to us!

01/27/10 @ 11:57
Amy & The House of Cats

We don’t currently have an orange cat (though we would like one, so we have all the colors pretty well covered - we really only need orange and brown at this point) in our group (though really any color will be ok). When I was growing up we had an orange tabby who was female, and unlike male calicos she was not sterile (she had kittens). She had some some orange babies but I can’t remember gender for sure - I want to say they were boys, but I was like 4 years old at the time, so I am not 100% positive (we only kept one, a girl, but she was a brown tabby).

Ok, I had to look it up and it sounds like about 25% of orange tabbys will be female, because a female needs two orange (red) genes but a male only needs one - a female with one red gene will be a “patched tabby” (no idea what that refers to), tortie or calico - so the number of red boys should be about the same as the number of “patched tabby” +calico+tortie+tabby red girls apparently.

01/27/10 @ 12:10
Comment from: Brian [Visitor]

I think it might just be that most orange ones are tabbys…but my Sister Sascha would swat me for saying that…so I will say yes, orange is wonderful!!!

01/27/10 @ 14:52
Comment from: The Island Cats [Visitor]
The Island Cats

Well, if you ask me, I think orange cats are the bestest!! My mom told me that when she was looking to adopt another cat, she looked just for an orange cat…so that must make me pretty special!!


(Island Cats’ mom here…Wally has such a big head! Yes, it’s true, I wanted an orange tabby…I love orange tabbies! But I also specifically wanted a black cat, and that’s how we got Ernie! Every cat is special in it’s own way!)

01/27/10 @ 17:26
Comment from: Lucy the Cat [Visitor]
Lucy the Cat

Nice to meet all you orange lovebugs.
Bucky and Simba here would agree that orange cats are the best, but I, being a torbie, would have to disagree. :)


01/27/10 @ 17:36
Comment from: cat lady diary [Visitor]
cat lady diary

Mom has never had an orange cat…we say now is not the time to try a new flavor!

01/27/10 @ 17:41
Comment from: CCL Wendy [Visitor]
CCL Wendy

Yes, I am an orange cat afficianado, too! I don’t know if you have met my Dante yet – he’s a big orange Maine Coon red tabby. As well as the LOLSpot, I have two other blogs – one for my three cats, Dante, Dylan and Domino, and one just for Dante. I think you’d get a kick out of him. The link is:

Also, I heard from a breeder friend of mine that it requires both a red male and a red female to produce another red female. She’s working on doing that right now with two red Maine Coons that she got specifically for that purpose. She wants a litter of red ones. We’ll have to see what happens.

01/27/10 @ 19:13
Comment from: Harry Spotter [Visitor]
Harry Spotter

Your momma is so lucky to ahve such a loving kitty like yourself. I love your orange colors, you are one beautiful cat.

01/27/10 @ 19:31
Comment from: Cascia @ Healthy Moms [Visitor]
Cascia @ Healthy Moms

He is a beautiful cat!

01/27/10 @ 20:14
Comment from: The Chair Speaks [Visitor]
The Chair Speaks

Your cats are lovely and much loved.

01/27/10 @ 21:04
Comment from: CCL Wendy [Visitor]
CCL Wendy

Hi again Marg,

Last time was just a warm-up. Today all (or most) of your animals are being exclusively featured on the LOLSpot today.
Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. It took me a while to read through things and come up with a good synopsis, and then to do the LOLs.

I usually ask a featured blogger to post a link to my site just for the day of the feature. My link is:

You can just add a line at the end of your regular post if you wish.

I have already added links from my site to yours.

I really hope you enjoy these. It truly was a challenge. I don’t think I’ve ever lolled this many animals at once before.

01/27/10 @ 22:24
Comment from: Fin [Visitor]

I didn’t know most gingers are boys!

01/27/10 @ 22:30
Comment from: BeadedTail [Visitor]

Our mommy hasn’t ever had an orange cat - yet. But, we all have orange spots in our furs and we’re all wonderful!

01/27/10 @ 23:12
Comment from: Splendid Little Stars [Visitor]
Splendid Little Stars

Your kitties are very cute and we can see they are quite entertaining! I’ve never had an orange cat myself. interesting information from Amy (above). It’s also interesting to see how many commentors have orange cats. Makes me wonder how many orange cats are running around.

01/28/10 @ 00:33
Comment from: Gattina [Visitor]

Welcome to Cats on Tuesday, how nice to meet you ! I just ask you a little thing, if you participate just put the little logo on post of your blog with a link.
Orange cats are indeed very affectionated and real cuddle cats, at least all the once I know or knew ! Especially with humans. With other cats it’s not so easy, they usually want to be the only child. 4 years ago an orange cat choose our house as his house and moved in. He was such an adorable cat, but he was terrible with my cats, he attacked them and was really dangerous. With a bleeding heart I had to give him away to my friend, where he could be an only child and is very happy there.

01/28/10 @ 01:00
Comment from: Storm [Visitor]

When I was a little girl, I had an orange kitty who was the best! For some reason, all the cats that have landed on my laps over the last 20 years since have always been black. I’d love another orange kitty one day just to have some color around. ;)

01/28/10 @ 01:11
Comment from: Ginger Jasper [Visitor]
Ginger Jasper

I called over from Wendy’s to say hello.. What a time to call when the subject is orange cats. I think orange is just fabulous but I could be a little bias mol. My mums friend does have a female ginger but I think they are mostly male. Nice to meet you all.. Hugs GJ x

01/28/10 @ 05:58
Comment from: parker [Visitor]

Mommy is a sucker for an orange kitty!
Please come and visit me today and help me help Wayside Waifs!

01/28/10 @ 07:24
Comment from: VanillaSeven [Visitor]

orange boy really know how to enjoy life. looks so comfortable! :)

01/28/10 @ 07:40
Comment from: Daisy [Visitor]

My Mommeh has always wanted a bit orange Mancat! But I keep showing her that I have orange patches in my coat!

01/29/10 @ 05:57
Comment from: Samantha & Clementine [Visitor]  
Samantha & Clementine

Hello!! I am Clementine and I am an Orange girlkitty!! Mom thought I was a boy at first, but the vet said I was not!! It is very nice to meet other orange kitties!
Your TX furiends,

02/03/10 @ 11:16
Comment from: nans [Visitor]  

i have 2 female cats

07/29/11 @ 21:53