How do you get knots out of cat's hair??

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Cat shedding
This cat needs a good grooming


There seems to be many ways to get the knots out of your long-haired cat. And of course there are tons of preventions to the knots also.
My experience has been through my vet which I did not like at all. The vet told me to just get a comb and pull the knots out. I just knew the cat would have a hissy fit, but he didn?t much to my surprise. His must not have been so bad. I have to be honest; I didn?t do all of them that way. I ended up cutting about half the knot out and then combing them. But I have read that cutting them is very bad and dangerous because you could very easily cut the skin, since the knot is so close to the skin.

Some advise to give the cat a bath to wet the hair and then take a brush and gently work your way from the bottom up until the knots are completely gone. You could also try to use some no tangle spray or conditioner to make the hair easier to manage. I think I personally would find a conditioner that I didn?t have to spray on the cat. I know my cats wouldn?t like that part.

Another thing you can try is to break the larger knots into smaller knots and see if you can then remove the smaller knot.

The last resort is to clip the whole cat and it is recommended that you take the cat to a professional groomer to do that.

And of course the prevention is to groom your long-haired cat every day. And try to give them baths every once in a while too, to keep the knots out of the hair.

So does anyone have any better solutions or a tried and true solution to getting those knots out of the poor cat?s long hair??? Please let me know if you do.


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Hello Marg,

I found you the solution, check this link:

I hope that helps :)

09/13/09 @ 09:19
Comment from: Reese [Visitor]

Thanks for stopping by and visiting today. I love the miniature donkey!

I am a short-haired kitty, so fortunately, I have not had to deal too much with the knot issues. Good luck in finding an easy remedy.

09/14/09 @ 11:28
Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Hi Marg,

I loved the New change to your homepage. Jasmine looks good in the header pic above but that ugly donkey does not hehe.

Well if you ask me, I would say simply take her to a parlour :D That is a shortcut, at least for me.


09/15/09 @ 16:54
Comment from: Judy [Visitor]

Don’t know what might be happening withthe URL to my blog. It looks right.

10/05/09 @ 21:53
Comment from: Anynmous [Visitor]

Please be careful when brushing and grooming your cats. Do not come to close to the skin when and if you cut the knots out. If you’re not comfortable with cutting your cats Hair bring them to a groomer. Also use a detangling conditioner for cats or something your cat won’t have a reaction to. Please use care and I hope this helps. Thank you for your advice.

01/01/13 @ 02:11