Tuesday Tooofs.

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So here I am, Orange boy here, in this darn carrier just a singing my head off. I do not like it in here. This is such a bad start to a otherwise good day. That person tricked me into going in the box.


Maggie here on top. I will keep you company Orange boyzo. Orange boy says that he doesn't want company, he wants out of here. But Maggie isn't moving. She is just trying to help Orange Boyzo.

Well the outcome of the vet visit is that I have to have my teeth cleaned and possibly some pulled out.

It has been a very sad day for our Mom because she found out that her favorite vet tech at the vet office had died two weeks ago. It was an all of sudden thing.They think she had a heart attack. She was only 53. She was the gal that took care of Momma kitty when she had to be spayed etc. and that was Orange boy's Mom.

We sure do thank all our wonderful blogging friends for putting some nice green papers in our Orange boy fund. We also hope everyone has a great day.




Comment from: Hannah and Lucy [Visitor] · http://myblogoffurrycreatures.blogspot.com
Orange Boy we are purring for you and Hannah is hoping you don't come back nearly toothless like she did!! We're sorry to hear your Mom's favourite lady at the vets died suddenly - a great way to go but she was far too young.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
05/08/12 @ 07:44
Comment from: Cats~Goats~Quotes [Visitor] · http://bobbieandbunch.blogspot.com
Shared on facebook, and donated a few green papers.
Sending lots of prayers.

How sad to learn of your favorite tech's passing.
05/08/12 @ 08:29
Comment from: Cat's Cats [Visitor] · http://catscats-catrina.blogspot.com
Orange Boy we hope everything goes well today and we know you will be feeling much better in no time!!!! We are so sorry to hear about your friend from the vet, how very sad.
05/08/12 @ 08:38
Comment from: Fuzzy Tales [Visitor] · http://keas-fuzzy-tales.blogspot.com
Purrs to Orange Boy that it's just a cleaning (Nicki has to go soon too!) and to the vet tech's family and friends. We're sorry to read of her sudden passing.

05/08/12 @ 08:51
Comment from: Cats of Wildcat Woods [Visitor] · http://wildcatwoodscats.blogspot.com
That was sad news! I am so sorry that your vet tech died. But we hope all goes well for Orange Boy!!!! We think he is super!!!
05/08/12 @ 08:58
Comment from: Katie Isabella [Visitor]
Orange Boy...I want you to be happy and well again. xoxoxox
05/08/12 @ 08:59
Hmmmm - I wouldn't like to be inside either when someone is standing on top of me! :)
05/08/12 @ 09:13
Comment from: Brian [Visitor] · http://brianshomeblog.com
It will be okay Orange Boy and you will feel lots better when it is over. That is so sad about your vet tech, such a loss way too early.
05/08/12 @ 09:41
Comment from: Random Felines [Visitor] · http://randomfelines.blogspot.com
oh noes.....they are going to get your tooths??? well, we can only hope it makes you feel better.

sorry about the loss at the vet office - we know that nice lady will be missed.
05/08/12 @ 09:54
Comment from: Laila and Minchie [Visitor] · http://www.cat-a-holic.blogspot.com
Good luck at the vet, Orange boyzo! We will be purring for you. Just think how much better your mouth will feel once those evil toofies come out. (((hugs)))
05/08/12 @ 09:57
Comment from: Old Kitty [Visitor]
Awww beautiful Orange Boy! What a brave kitty! Yay too for mama Maggie looking after you! We hope you get better and well again asap! Me and Charlie are so sorry to hear about mum's friend at the vet's. What a sad loss. Our deepest sympathies to all her friends and family! Take care x
05/08/12 @ 10:21
Comment from: Deccy [Visitor] · http://declansdogsblog.co.uk
HI. Thanks for dropping by; it's very nice to meet you! Deccy x
05/08/12 @ 11:04
Comment from: Comedy Plus [Visitor] Email · http://comedyplus.blogspot.com/
Bad teeth can indeed make it difficult to eat. You'll be better after all that heals up.

I'm so sorry about the tech. Way too young.

Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. :)
05/08/12 @ 11:21
Comment from: Madi and mom [Visitor] · http://downhomeinnc.blogspot.com
We are so sorry to read about your dear friend's untimely passing. Purrs to you the pets over the Bridge have a special lady to love them
Good luck OB
Hugs madi
05/08/12 @ 11:23
Comment from: Sparkle [Visitor] · http://www.sparklecat.com
Poor Orange Boy - I hate going to the vet too. At least you will feel better afterwards.

That is so sad about the vet tech.
05/08/12 @ 12:07
Comment from: Cheysuli [Visitor] · http://mysiamese.com
We are sad to hear about your friend's passing. We hope you do well for the cleaning.
05/08/12 @ 12:49
Comment from: ginger jasper [Visitor] · http://pughysgingerfurball.blogspot.com
I was so sorry to hear that your mums vet friend died so young. I am purring that all goes well for you at the vet and that you dont have to have many teeth out. Hugs GJ xx
05/08/12 @ 12:51
Comment from: melody stamps [Visitor] · http://melodyskatz.blogspot.com
Orange boy...how dare your mama trick you into that cagie thingy! I love it that Maggie thinks she is helping too.
Sorry to hear about the vet tech. I will say a prayer right now for her family. Done! I prayed God would give her family comfort right now.
Hope all is well with all your animals. I hope Orange Boyz gets over losing the teeth too.

Thank you so much for your prayers!
05/08/12 @ 13:12
Comment from: melody stamps [Visitor] · http://melodyskatz.blogspot.com
Marg I tried to make a donation to Orange boyz teeth fund but it would not take my password and I use paypal all of the time. Will try again later.
05/08/12 @ 13:16
Comment from: Whisppy [Visitor] · http://whisppy.blogspot.com
That is so sad about the vet tech. What a shock!
You probably don't think so now, but you'll feel a whole lot better once the vet gets your teeth cleaned, or even have some removed...ask Mario! :)
05/08/12 @ 13:57
Purrrrrrrrrrs to Orange Boy!
05/08/12 @ 14:01
Comment from: Cathy Keisha [Visitor] · http://stunningkeisha.com
That looks just like the jail I get stuffed into. Lemme slip you a file to cut the bars. Hope you don't need any extractions. xoxo
05/08/12 @ 15:03
Comment from: Linda [Visitor] · http://canidaepetfood.blogspot.com/
Oh Orange Boy, it's just so wrong to have to sit inside a cage while Maggie holds it down from the outside. But, you will feel better after the dental work. Really!

So sorry to hear about your friend. It's always sad to lose a two legged or four legged friend.
05/08/12 @ 15:33
Poor Orange Boy. Not fun when a day goes down hill like that. Tell your mom I'm very sorry to hear about her favorite vet tech
05/08/12 @ 18:13
Comment from: catchatcaren [Visitor] · http://opcatchat.blogspot.com
we are so deeply sorry about your vet tech friend. We would be just devastated.

Tell Orange Boy that my Mom had to go to the dentist today too!! (But since she is human she didn't have to be crated lol)

Maggie reminds Mom of her Angel Bobo. He used to have the same crate (well we still have it but we keep it in the closet cause it was Bobo's) he used to like to sit on top of it just like Maggie!
05/08/12 @ 18:59
We hope all goes well for you today Orange Boy.
Tell your Mama we are sending her a hug. We are sorry about her friend.53 is very young. We hope her friend had a good life and we send her our love too.

the critters in The Cottage xo
05/08/12 @ 19:12
Comment from: CCL Wendy [Visitor] · http://allaboutlacocoondante.blogspot.com
The only kitty I know who really likes going to the vet is my Domino. I'm sure Orange Boyzo is happy that it's all over, and as results go -- they're not that bad! I chipped in a little to help.

Hopefully, once his teeth are cleaned, he will eat more and gain back some of that weight!

We're purring for you Orange Boy!
05/08/12 @ 19:27
Comment from: meowmeowmans [Visitor] · http://animalsheltervolunteer.blogspot.com
Oh my gosh, that is so sad about your Mom's favorite vet tech. We are so sorry to hear that, and are purring and praying for her family.

Orange Boy, we hope your dental stuff goes well. We will try to find some green papers to help you!
05/08/12 @ 20:57
Comment from: The Island Cats [Visitor] · http://island-cats.com
Orange Boy, we're sorry you hafta have your teefs cleaned. But we bet you'll feel better afterwards. Tell your mom that we're sorry about the v-e-t tech. She was far too young.
05/08/12 @ 21:36
Comment from: Kari [Visitor] · http://dogisgodinreverse.com
Sorry about the vet tech :(

Stop on by for a visit
05/08/12 @ 21:41
Comment from: Spitty the Kitty [Visitor] · http://spittyspeaks.blogspot.com
We are pretty sure that vet tech was meeted at the Bridge by all the kittehs and doggehs that she had taked care of over all the years. My Human say, Now THAT would be heaven for sure!!!

Ornj Boy, hope you gets to feeling better soon XOXOXO
05/08/12 @ 22:01
Comment from: Penelope [Visitor] · http://catfromhell.wordpress.com
Sing Loud and sing proud! All the way to the vet!
And we sends purrs to your Mommy. It is sad when somebody we know is with us no longer.
Extra purrs and Kisses
05/08/12 @ 22:17
Comment from: Oui Oui [Visitor] · http://twinkletoetails.blogspot.com
We will be purring for Orange Boyz! We are sorry to hear about your vet tech. Miss Oui Oui is going to the vets too. She injured her eye, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much.
05/08/12 @ 23:34
Comment from: CatSynth [Visitor] · http://www.catsynth.com
Poor Orange Boy. Luna doesn't like being in the carrier, either. She cries the whole way to the vet or wherever we have to go. We hope things go well for him today.

So sad about your favorite vet tech. Our thoughts with her family and friends.
05/09/12 @ 02:24
Comment from: Eric and Flynn [Visitor] · http://twodevoncats.blogspot.com
We hope everything goes well for your dental Orange Boy. We are sorry that your favourite vet tech died suddenly.
05/09/12 @ 06:43
Comment from: Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie [Visitor] · http://www.atonkstail.com
Oh we so sorry to hear about vet tech! Sudden loss is so shocking and sad!

And Faraday sends his most sincere sympathies. He HATED his teeth cleaning! (Maxie goes in on 5/22 - last time he had 12 teeth removed, crossing paws no more this time - and maybe not any for Orange Boy after all???)
05/09/12 @ 18:40

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