Does your Puppy or Dog chew??

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Puppy?s teeth until they are about six months old, and this does cause some discomfort and chewing on stuff does make the sore gums feel better. So they chew on the furniture, your shoes, the shrubbery and whatever else the puppy can get in their mouths. And the bad news is that the puppy will not ?outgrow? this chewing.

So somehow, you need to teach the puppy what is acceptable for chewing and what is not acceptable.

To minimize chewing problems, try to put everything up away from the puppy that he or she might be tempted to chew on. Be sure to keep the trash out of his reach. Ask the children to put their toys and dolls up so they cannot be chewed to little bits and pieces.

Then get some chew toys, and if you catch your puppy chewing on something that he shouldn?t be chewing on, clap your hands or make some kind of loud noise, the offer him an acceptable chew toy instead. Then praise him a lot so he will learn the difference.

Another thing you can do is to make the items he wants to chew on unpleasant. You can coat the furniture with a taste deterrent such as Bitter Apple. Just make sure what ever you use is not having poison in it.

Also if you have to leave the dog while you go somewhere, I strongly recommend training the puppy to a crate. It makes everything much easier, the chewing, the housebreaking and the whole nine yards.

Try different toys with your puppy, The type of toys that can be stuffed with food really gets the puppy?s attention and lets him focus on those toys instead of the chairs. And the chew sticks or chew bones take some time to chew up, so those are great toys.

Another thing that I have found helps to prevent chewing is to keep the puppy or dog busy so that they never pick up the habit. I was lucky though, and did a lot of work etc. outside and the dogs always came with me. But also try not to let the puppy be alone in the house where there might be tempting things to chew. And exercise the puppy so that when he is in the house, he wants to sleep.


Comment from: Melvin [Visitor]

I have had this problem one too many time! This is great information!

Also, you asked if Melvin’s blog was to be just about cats, and I’d like to add more rescue stories about dogs and any other kind of animals. I just don’t really have any other pets besides Melvin at the moment, so he has kind of taken over. Haha. What do you suggest?

08/04/09 @ 22:01
Comment from: Melvin at Mouchois [Visitor]
Melvin at Mouchois

I’m having trouble commenting on your latest blog. I wanted to tell you about my little brother, who is severely allergic to cats, and his bond with my cat, Spaz. I have a story about it at

Spaz is his best friend. By far the only thing that he is responsible for and looks after.

I’d say that cats make better pets for children than a puppy because they are more independent and need a bit less training.

08/15/09 @ 06:05
Comment from: Shelly [Visitor]

Great advice. But I have a dog who is 9 months and she chews everything no matter if the house is full of chew toys or not. She has tons of toys. She prefers shoes and furniture legs. I wish she would stop but the problem is I can’t be with her every second!

Thanks for the good advice though.

08/22/09 @ 02:34
Comment from: Foqia [Visitor]

thank you very much for posting this.

09/01/09 @ 04:04