Introducing my donkey's

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Since everyone has heard all about my silly donkeys, I think I should tell the story of how they became my very own donkeys. Joe and Mr.Gun Smoke came at different times because of different circumstances. I had a small pony whose name was Itsy Bitsy and owned her and her sister Buttons and Bows for 14 years. Well Buttons started to have seizures and so we had to send her up to heaven. Itsy and Buttons had been together for so very long and were best friends and half sisters too. So when we had to put Buttons down, Itsy was by far the saddest animal I have ever seen because she was so lonely. I did have another horse that was very old and very big so she had some company but it just wasn't the same. She needed a little friend. So I found a gal that bred miniature donkeys and thought that might be fun and also give Itsy some good company. I then went ahead and got Mr. Gun Smoke. He was just a tiny baby but Itsy, the pony, took to him right away. So they became really good friends. It took awhile, but at least Itsy had a friend. And the old horse really liked the new donkey. The really sad part of this story is that Itsy got really sick with colic, and I had to put her down. It was probably the saddest day of my life. Mr. Gun smoke loved the big old horse but I knew that he needed a friend. Smoke needed someone to play with, because he was so young. So I called the gal where I had bought Smoke, and she had another baby donkey.



These two donkeys both have some problems so I was able to get them at reduced prices. So Joe was brought over to the farm and he was a tiny little thing. He was younger than Smoke. Smoke was so excited to see someone else with long ears, he was a little overbearing. It was scary for awhile but eventually they worked things out. And now they spend the day playing all kinds of donkey games. Those lucky two boys have nothing to do all day except play, eat and sleep. My neighbors just love watching the donkeys do their playing because they play stallion games by rearing up at each other, knocking each other down by biting each others front legs, and of course having races of all types. And of course they have to chase the dogs and cats whenever they get the opportunity. They are great entertainment for everyone.

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Comment from: Nancy [Visitor]

OH! AWWWWWW I love donkeys and yours are SO adorable!!!

02/23/09 @ 23:24